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Currently on my bed stand is…

I’ve installed myself in my home for the coming weeks, in Tryserum a few miles south of Valdemarsvik in Smaland, Ostergotland County.

My internet connection is uncertain at best, but right now it seems to work. So instead of surfing I’m glad to have brought a more analogue pleasure to kill time; books.

On this trip I brought the unauthorized autobiography by one of my all-time favourite authors; Robert Bloch. Once around the bloch (1993). He’s mayhap most famous for his novel Phsyco, he’s written plenty of gold nuggets such as; The Man Who Collected Poe, The Funnel of God, Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow etc.

once around the bloch

This is a great read, fan of Robert Bloch or not, as he have lived an interesting life or do tell the tale of his life as if he did. It starts; I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. The trouble is, it has somebody else’s initials on it…


Magnus Reuterdahl

What’s happening here?

Another week is coming towards its end and once again I’ll prepare myself to go home to Stockholm. The next couple of weeks I’ll be working in Ostergotland just south of Valdermarsvik doing an archaeological investigation for a wind farm. I and a colleague will conduct a survey of the area where we will visit known ancient remains and cultural relics and search for dittos.

This week I’ve had Bobby Womack as company while doing prep work for the next couple of week’s survey and while finishing a couple reports.

Yet again I’ll manage to miss another Martin Rundqvist’s  Stockholm blogmeet (Sept 2nd), but that’s no reason for you to miss it; more info here!

Magnus Reuterdahl

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