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Need Swedish museums more volunteers?

The annual political event Almedalen, on the island Gotland in Sweden, is just around the corner.

During the first week of July politicians and lobby-organisations meet on common ground to discuss current events – and this year I’m in ūüôā

Cultural Heritage is of course part if that and so are questions regarding museums, archives and libraries. A few months ago I was elected to the board of DIK – the creative union; that includes communicators, archaeologists, museum employees, antiquarians, librarians, speech pathologist etc.

One of the debates this year concerns volunteers in cultural institutions. In one corner are Annika Olsson, Gender studies РStockholm University, (me) Magnus Reuterdahl, DIK, and Karin Thorasdotter, Arenagruppen.

On this side we are concerned when it comes to volunteers. There is a risk that they are replace paid personal, and issues regarding insurances, liability and costs are not clear – among other things.

On the opposite side are Lars Amréus, Antiquarian of the Realm, Riksantikvarieämbetet (National heritage board), Nicklas Lundblad, IT debater, social policy adviser, Google and Lars-Anders Johansson, responsible for cultural issues, Timbro.

They are for more volunteers.

The debattle is organized by Riksutställningar (The Swedish Travelling Exhibitions) under the name; Need Swedish museums more volunteers? (Behöver svenska museer fler volontärer?)

The debate is held on July 2,10:00 Р11:30 at Riksutställningar.

Read more about it here (in Swedish).

Magnus Reuterdahl

An archaeological report of sorts

At times it seems impossible to write a blog post, there are just no ideas – this is such a time! Though after a while my writers block ended;

As I looked for information on a dissertation I bought a while ago I stumbled upon the must have for every archaeology bibliophile (if interested in Swedish archaeology I might add); the book of books; the original, the first Swedish work on archaeology; De orbibus tribus aureis nuper in Scania erutis √® terra disquisitio antiquaria from 1675 written by Johannes Schefferus. The text concerns a find of three gold bracteates, these were found by a farmer while ploughing a field in V√§ in Scania. The interpretation is somewhat careful but Schefferus do conclude that they are from a pre-Christian era. It also includes wood block pictures of the bracteates drawn by Schefferus, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any reprint of these. Instead an example of his work – Mora stenar (the stones at Mora).

wood block by Johannes Schefferus
wood block by Johannes Schefferus

Johannes Schefferus was born in Strasbourg 1621 and died in 1679. He was made professor at Uppsala University in 1649, a chair he held until his death in 1679.

His works includes Lapponia (The story of the Sami people) (1673) which was not translated into Swedish until 1956, the posthumous publication Suecia literata (The Learned Sweden) that is a Swedish history of science bibliography, Upsalia antiqua 1666 the Swedish-Latin edition of the saga af Konunga- och hof dingastyrelsenKonunga ok h√∂fdinga styrilses institutio regia” 1669, Memorabilium Svethicm gentis exempla 1671 (The Swedish peoples glorious past) and lots more.


Besides his interest in archaeology and history he introduced the classic philology as a science in Sweden, editing and publishing several commented texts such as those of Arrianus, Mauritius and Petronius.

I think you understand why I like this guy and would like to own a copy or two, now these are not impossible to find but they cost a small fortune. At present I only have later editions.

Well, I managed to scribble a few words, it is at times like this I really miss my own library. There is always something to dig into and comment, right now I work far away from home so the internet will have to work as a substitute.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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