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Today I was elected to the Association Board of DIK, the Swedish union for academics working on Culture and Communication, for the next three years

It’s both inspiring and exiting to be part of the DIK’s Association Board and to get be part of an interesting group of people and to work with interesting issues.

DIKs styrelse 2013-2015.
Övre raden från vänster: Erik Palm, Magnus Reuterdahl, Sara Sivre, Mia Lindgren, Lars Aldemark. Främre raden från vänster: Susanna Wennerfeldt, Helena Leidebrant, Karin Linder, Lena Sundberg, Emili Rask, Anna-Stina Takala. Ej med på bild: Jimmy Mannung, Sara Wranne. Bild: DIK.se

Idag blev jag invald i DIKs förbundsstyrelse, där jag kommer att sitta de närmsta tre åren. Jag ser fram emot att få arbeta med ett gäng intressanta människor från andra branscher, sätta mig in i nya frågor och ta del av intressanta arbetspolitiska frågor.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Am I to become a union tycoon?

Most archaeologist along with librarians, antiquarians and communicators in Sweden are in the union DIK (Link in Swedish), a part of SACO (Swedens Academics Central Organisation). DIK is short for Documentation, Information and Culture (Kultur).

Now I never been much of a union man, though I do recognize they do an important work. Lately I’ve been pulled into it, though, as I’ve been working in a work group with ethics & archeology. Also it seems they gotten a new image via the current president, Karin Linder, that does do a good job.

A few days ago I was asked to run as a board member for the national council of DIK. Its always an honor that someone, whoever it is, has proposed me for a position such as this. Currently I am considering it: partly cause I’ve become more and more interested in the union as such and I believe that they do a good job, partly due to the fact that I feel it is important that an archaeologist, and especially someone that does not have a permanent job (as most archaeologists), can have a voice within DIK.

I don’t believe I’ll become a tycoon but I do believe that I might be able to be an interesting voice within DIK and that why I considering saying yes.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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