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The Nature Reserve Storforsen

Last Saturday I made a trip to the Nature Reserve Storforsen, some miles north of Älvsbyn.

Winter is on its way; the weather was fine but it was cold as you can see on the pictures below the night frost was still clearly visible at 2 p.m. and small pools of water had frozen to ice.



Storforsen or the grand rapids are the biggest rapids in the Nordic countries and it is a might sight. On the way to the rapids one passes an area where the rapids once rushed is today a beautiful landscape of smooth slabs of rock and giants’ cauldrons.



The great rivers of the north are not just spectacular sceneries it is also part of the cultural heritage, along the watercourses people have lived and worked. They’ve been used for fishing and for transportation. Along the courses there are several traces of human activities; rock art, settlements, hearths, remains from log-driving etc. At this site a lot of old houses have been collected as an open-air museum. In the summertime one can visit the houses and get to see examples on how people have lived and worked since at least the 17th century. There are also examples of different forest related industries such as tar-production.


Two of the buildings, these were built ca 1920-30.

A tar pile, on the roof massive amounts of chopped wood was placed and slowly consumed by fire and out through the pipe came the tar.


As I said before it was cold and I wasn’t really clothed for the occasion so the visits became a quick stop.


Magnus Reuterdahl

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