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Upcoming Archaeology seminar in Östergötland

On Friday (February 12th) the County Administrative board of Östergötland holds a seminar not unlike that I visited in Stockholm last week.


Östergötland County museum

The archaeological field works of 2009 – Marie Ohlsén

S:t Illian, the third church  – Mats Magnusson

Sudden death in Skänninge – Victoria Björhager & Emma Karlsson

Mariehov, an archaeological investigative stage 1 – Anders Persson & Rickard Lindberg


Tornby – Björn Hjulström

Kv. Stenhuset – Kenneth Svensson


The wind farm in Hornsberg – Magnus Reuterdahl

The National Heritage board UV Öst

Garden archeology in kv. Lyckan – Annika Nordström & Jens Heimdahl

Valla, a Viking Age farm complex – Karin Lindebald & Katarina Sköld

Tombs and burial practices at St. Olaf. New methods and analysis of medieval tombs in a Dominican convent- Hanna Menander

Kulturmiljövård I Mälardalen

Archaeology in Motala – Fredrik Hallgren

Looking forward on Friday’s activities and from list of participants as well as speakers I see a lot of familiar faces.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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