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DIK – redo your homework and get a reality check!

Updated 2009-07-21

I don’t know about the situation outside Sweden, though I guess the situation is more or less the same everywhere, it is hard to get a job at a museum or as an archaeologist; and if you demand a salary way above your limit it does not make it easier. 

At this point the Swedish union; DIK (a union for archaeologist, employees at museums among others) goes out and claims that you should demand an entry pay of 26000 sek or ca 2300 €/ a month (at this date 1€ = ca 11,30 sek) for someone fresh out of a University with a master or equivalent (article in Swedish), a salary I haven’t accomplished after 5 years in this line of work with a master in my bag; My current salary is ca 24000 sek /month, and I’m morte or less pleased with that. I believe this recommendation is close to be considered a fraud and it makes me seriously considering leaving the union. I would guess that a reasonable first pay check in my line of work today is somewhere around 19-21000 sek depending on the employer and the job, at least among those I know.

I honestly believe that if someone without experience just leaving a University or High school demands this payment they’ll be considered a joke by employer and thier application’s cast away. This makes this recommendation a horrific one and those believing in it are truly f**ked by its own union. I recommend DIK to do a serious reality check and redo the homework. I am sure you do good things but this is just outrageous and borders on idiocy. A union should work for its members not be contra productive.

Now this does not mean that I think that there isn’t room for better pay and conditions for archaeologists. As many are badly paid and work on unsecure contract which doesn’t give the possibility to have a consecutive period of vacation etc. I just think that this is the wrong way to start, as I feel that it does not benefit those most vulnerable on the job market, those who does not have experience or are yet to build a network.

I feel that there is much for DIK to work on and I hope they do.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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