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Autumn is coming.

It’s getting, dark, its getting grey, it’s getting cold, it’s getting wet – I want to hibernate until spring. My days in Östersund are running out, at least for now, at October 26 I’m moving back to Stockholm, full time. So if anyone know of a fun project or a job I’m open to suggestions.

Det ser ut som att det är dags att söka jobb igen, är öppen för förslag från och med den 27 oktober – gärna inom arkeologisektorn!

Magnus Reuterdahl


I am open to suggestions!

As it looks now; the coming Monday will be the start of my last month in Norrbotten County, at least for this time.  So in about a month I will be back in Stockholm – this has both pros and cons, it will be nice to come home but I will miss colleagues, work and newly acquired friends.

So it is high time to start job hunting. Luckily there are some openings, a few museums are looking for staff for the upcoming season and a couple of substitutes and also there are a few ads regarding employment at a couple of County Administrative Boards and at an archaeological entrepreneur.

This also means that it is time to update my CV and write something smart about myself. I’ve begun to contacting a few selected museums, archaeological entrepreneurs and County Administrative Boards that I would like to be associated with or work with.

This time around I’ve also turned to the international market and applied for a job at Museum of London; which could be very exacting.

In other words, I am open to suggestions! (Preferably regarding archeology or osteology).

Well I’ve got a month left of employment so I’ll know what to with my time, and luckly I also got a few days of vacation to use before March 31st; This will be used for among other things a trip to Thessaloniki in Greece at the end of the month.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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