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Excavating in a snow storm

My future colleagues, from tomorrow onwards, got to experience excavating in a snow storm today. Whilest I on the other hand has spent the day indoors looking out on the snow storm. Tomorrow I’ll join the fun. Though, now, the temperature is ca 0 degrees and climbing – so tomorrow it will probably be a big mud puddle instead, in other word I’ll be down and dirty.

In Sweden we excavate as long as possible and as the country is rather long (N-S) it’s often possible to dig all year round in the south and the further north you go the season gets shorter. There are several tools to use as it gets colder to prolong the season; such as thermo blankets, tents and in worse case scenarios electric blankets – to keep the earth from freezing. Of course it’s never optimal to dig if there is snow or rain, but it is doable – with good results.

Today, though, I’m glad that I’m indoors and I’ll pray to the patron of Archaeologists for better weather the coming weeks.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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