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Skog church ruin

As I’m going back and forth between Stockholm and Östersund I’ve seen a few places that would make a good stop. Sometime ago I stop at Skog church ruin some miles southeast of Bollnäs is Skog and on small cape by lake Bergviken is the ruins of Skogs old church in Hälsingland. It was built during the 13th century and abandoned during the early 17th century as the water  level in the lake became higher and higher and finally damaged the building and the cemetery.

I stopped late one night on my way to Östersund, and as the sun was slowly descending it gave a beautiful light and due to the time day it was perfectly still. It’s a bit uncanny how light it is late at night in these parts of Sweden – these photos was taken at approximately 23.30.

An excavation was made in 1927-28, a few coins from the 14th century was found as well as a tombstone from the 16th century and the skeleton of a young boy. On site is an information sign in Swedish, English and German.

A picture from the restoration and excavation 1928 by an unknown photographer, the National Heritage Board, Sweden (RAA), Kulturmiljöbild.

In the current Skog church a famous medieval tapestry called Skogbonaden was found. It’s dated to 13th century and shows an image that includes a stave church.

Skogsbonaden  (the Skog tapestry)- Picture from wikipedia

Magnus Reuterdahl

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