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From Kalmar with love

Then this year filed season has started. A few days in Västervik – a few search trenches and a couple of excavated cultivation cairns – not much but a nice start in the sunshine. Now a short period indoors; writing a report on the mentioned field work, making preps for the next fieldwork, writing a few offers on couple of other jobs and so fourth. Lot’s of things to do, and lots of new stuff to learn as I’m new at Kalmar County Museum; all institutions have their way and praxis’s – but the best way to learn is to bite the bullet and on head right on.

A foal playing around his or her mother just south of our work site.

As new things starts up old things catches up – one of the things I worked on last year was a report for Arkeologicentrum on the excavation of a pitted ware site (en gropkeramisk boplats ca 3200-2300 BC) some miles north of Gothenburg in Göta Älvdal called Skepplanda 32:1. The titel is Forntiden på Kattleberg belyst genom arkeologisk undersökning av två förhistoriska boplatser, Skepplanda 32 och 230, Västergötland, Ale kommun, Västra Götalands län and it is written by Lisbeth Bengtsson, Britta Wennstedt Edvinger and myself. Now it’s available in Swedish as a pdf.

That’s all for now

Magnus Reuterdahl

Last in line

Tomorrow is the last day at Skepplanda 32 and most of the work will concern dismantling the excavation site, packing and finishing up.

Today we finished one of the larger hearths at Skepplanda 32, it was ca 4 m in diameter and ca 0,5 m deep.

Skepplanda 32 hearth

We didn’t find many artefacts in it but I found this nice cylindrical flint core, where the hearth met the sand.

 Flint core 2

Flint core

Flint core 3

Another nice find today was our second arrow head made of quartz.

 arrow head quartz

As I said tomorrow is the last day and then it’s up to Stockholm for a week worth of vacation.

Magnus Reuterdahl

We’re close to the finishing line

Skepplanda 32 hearth

The Skepplanda 32 excavation is beginning to come to an end – only two days left. We’ve made a lot of interesting finds during the excavation and these last few days we also found some hearts and cocking pits whereof some might be Neolithic. Several of them looks like they’re from the Iron Age but we’ve made some finds that indicatives that they possibly are from the Stone Age. Today I found this arrow head (type C) belonging to last phase of the pitted ware culture in a hearth.

Skepplanda 32 arrow head C type

Today I took a few moments to look at the view over Gota Alv (river Gota) it’s magnificent. The scenery is nothing like that the people of the middle neolitic saw as this was in the archipelago at the time and the sea level met the beach right were here. On that they made hearths, hunted seal, fished and possibly lived, at least for a while.

Skepplanda 32 view

Well all good things have an end and it’s been a good dig. Coming up next is a week of vacation and then it is of Ostergotland for more work.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Yet another Monday at Skepplanda

Monday mornings are often grey, so was this one. It started witha grey sky and heavy clouds that kept pouring rain on us but as the day progressed so did the weather. During the worst part of the rain we took a quick pause and went to Lodose museum to see their exhibit on the coastline curves on the west coast of Sweden, ie a display on how the water table have changed since the last Ice Age and onwards. A very interesting and clear exhibition, unfortunately we were only had a few minutes to scatter through prehistoric and medieval exhibition it seemed very nice and I’ll return later this summer to the museum for a more detailed visit.

Today we found out first shard of pitted ware, earlier during the excavation we’ve found several small ceramic shards but no ornated ones until now.

keramik skärva skepplanda

I also found my first arrow head, or at least a part of an arrow head today… though only the tongue.

arrow head skepplanda 32

Well, the beginning of the day was rainy and gray but at the end the sun was up and we’ve made a visit to Lodose museum, found some nice finds – all in all it turned out really good.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Finally Friday

This might sounds awful when one is lucky enough to get to work on an excavation but it’s been a warm week and I feel beat some this weekend will be a lazy one. On Thursday we had a thermometer with us to see how it was; at 2.30 pm it was 44° Celsius in the sun and 33° Celsius in shade.

Today’s find was of course mine (at least in my mind) and has nothing to do with stone age or prehistory but rather the 20th century; a pin or a brooch.



The head is ca 2, 5 x 1, 5 cm and has originally been deep blue around the edges and the boxes are likely to have been gilded bronze or possibly green.

I’ll be back with some pictures of a rock with great rock art from Gota Alv dal.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Neolithic settlement

I’m sitting on the train towards Gothenburg and then to Skepplanda where I will work on an excavation the coming three weeks. The excavation concerns a Neolithic settlement called Skepplanda 32:1. It is ca 100 x 75 m. At a previous excavation in order to delineate the settlement finds including a post hole, flints including three flint knifes and a flint arrow head (Beckers type B) etc.

I’ll keep you updated.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Skepplanda 230

The last week I’ve been participating in an excavation of an Neolithic settlement (Skepplanda 230) in Skepplanda parish near Skepplanda. The settlement was ca 35 x 20 m. In 2006 an archaeological investigation was carried out to determine the settlement size. At this time several search trenches were dug and 10 flints were found which were added to three finds of flint during the archaeological examination or survey earlier in 2006.

Skepplanda 230 3

The area was quite small and the previous finding quite scarce and so was our findings; a few hearths or cooking pit and some flints. But the weather was mostly good most and so was the company; but due to a bit of rain that came and went I didn’t bring my camera to site besides the first day.

Skepplanda 230 2

I’ll be going back to Skepplanda in the end of June for another excavation of yet another settlement, the coming week I’ll participate in an archaeological investigation in Sodertalje a few miles from Stockholm.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Involuntary radio silence

I’ve participating in a dig about 50 km north of Gothenburg, Sweden’s 2d largest city; I’ll come back to the dig at a later time. As I came to Gothenburg last Sunday I hadn’t expected that just 5 miles north thereof we would have no cell phone access which of course also meant no internet access, this relates to our living quarters. At the dig just north of Skepplanda during day time my phone worked but my internet connection only works from 19.00- 07.00 so this didn’t help me much. Well now I am sitting on the train to Stockholm and experiencing a bit of internet abstinence so I’ll update you on the dig later on – I have internet surfing to be done.

The dig concerned the settlement Skepplanda 230, a Neolithic settlement, but as I said more about that tomorrow or so. Next week I’ll work in Sodertalje a few miles south of Stockholm and a few days on a report. 

Magnus Reuterdahl

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