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Et tu Sator

Tonight I’m hitting old hunting grounds. When I grow up in Jonkoping and getting of age to spend my nights on pubs and clubs several nights were spent on the locally infamous pub Lilla Krogen (the little bar). As I recall it this was the place were people that were to drunk to get into other establishments or to young ended up. Local rock band Crut released a song called Balladen om Puben Lyckan (the ballad of the Pub Hapiness) that was about the bar (the song is avilable here as well as the song Jönköping, both in Swedish) 1979. On occasion it as had it’s peaks were its actually been popular but I really can’t say it was back then. Today it has been renamned to Ztyle and has transformed into a rockclub. Tonight I’ll be there to see Sator, a swedish punk/hardrock act who hit fame during the late 80’s and early 90’s playing a punkish rock that I really liked at the time, and still do. For me its the period between 1988 with the album Slammer! to the 1995 album Stereo via the albums Stock Rocker Nuts (1990), Headquake (1992) and Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1 (1994) that is the peak period. All worth a listen.

Tonight they’re in Jönköping with a new album playing live at Ztyle – lets head bang 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl

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