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Am I to become a union tycoon?

Most archaeologist along with librarians, antiquarians and communicators in Sweden are in the union DIK (Link in Swedish), a part of SACO (Swedens Academics Central Organisation). DIK is short for Documentation, Information and Culture (Kultur).

Now I never been much of a union man, though I do recognize they do an important work. Lately I’ve been pulled into it, though, as I’ve been working in a work group with ethics & archeology. Also it seems they gotten a new image via the current president, Karin Linder, that does do a good job.

A few days ago I was asked to run as a board member for the national council of DIK. Its always an honor that someone, whoever it is, has proposed me for a position such as this. Currently I am considering it: partly cause I’ve become more and more interested in the union as such and I believe that they do a good job, partly due to the fact that I feel it is important that an archaeologist, and especially someone that does not have a permanent job (as most archaeologists), can have a voice within DIK.

I don’t believe I’ll become a tycoon but I do believe that I might be able to be an interesting voice within DIK and that why I considering saying yes.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Uppdrag: Få in fler arkeologer på DIKs kongress

This post is written in Swedish regarding the up comming election to DIK (Swedish Union for arcaheologist etc).

Nu är röstningen på kongressombuden igång till DIKs kongress, så är du medlem i DIK är det dags att göra din röst hög, personligen propagerar jag för att försöka få in så många arkeologer som möjligt. Läs mer här!

Själv är jag nominerad i valkrets Stockholm (långt ned på listan), du är varmt välkommen att rösta på mig – men det viktigaste är du röstar på någon du tror kan företräda dina intressen och göra DIK bättre!

Magnus Reuterdahl

Nytt uppdrag: Etik & arkeologi – A new mission: Ethics & Archaeology

This post is available in English further down.

Som jag nämnt i tidigare inlägg byter jag arbetsgivare från och med den 1 februari, från Länsstyrelsen i Västernorrland till Länsstyrelsen i Östergötland.

Det är dock mer på gång för mig inom det arkeologiska – jag kommer ingå in en arbetsgrupp inom DIK med uppgift att ta fram etiska riktlinjer för arkeologer. Tanken är att dessa ska fungera som vägledning för alla arkeologer; forskare såväl som för arkeologer på olika myndigheter, museer, stiftelser, företag m fl. Tanken är att riktlinjerna ska vara överskådliga och lätta att kommunicera. I uppdraget ingår också att lämna förslag om hur de etiska riktlinjerna kan lanseras och förankras bland Sveriges arkeologer och diskussioner kring certifiering.

Efterhand hand hoppas jag kunna skriva ytterligare några inlägg om detta. just nu ligger spänningen i vilka är de övriga i arbetsgruppen? – Vet du skriv en kommentar!

DIK är ett fackförbund och en del av centralorganisationen SACO, Sveriges akademikers centralorganisation. DIK företräder akademiker inom kultur- och kommunikationsektorn och då bland annat arkeologer.

Läs mer här


More new challenges as I will have to begin thinking on Archaeology and ethics in a more concentrated form. In previous posts I’ve mentioned that I start a new job February 1st in Linkoping at the Administrative County board of Östergötland.

As I mentioned in previous posts I’m changing employers as of February 1st, from the County Administrative Board of Västernorrland to the County Administrative Board in Östergötland.

But there is more news regarding the archaeological – I will be part of a working group within DIK with the task of developing ethical guidelines for archaeologists. DIK is a trade union and part of SACO, a trade union confederation for university graduates or professionals with a college degree. DIK represents the culture and communications sectors, and among them the archaeologists.

The idea behind the guidelines is that they are to serve as guidance for all archaeologists, researchers as well as to archaeologists at various government agencies, museums, foundations, corporations and others. The idea is that the guidelines should be transparent and easy to communicate, and the assignment also includes proposals on how the ethical guidelines can be launched and anchored among Swedish archaeologists and discussions around certification.

I will get back to you on a later date with more info on this.

DIK – redo your homework and get a reality check!

Updated 2009-07-21

I don’t know about the situation outside Sweden, though I guess the situation is more or less the same everywhere, it is hard to get a job at a museum or as an archaeologist; and if you demand a salary way above your limit it does not make it easier. 

At this point the Swedish union; DIK (a union for archaeologist, employees at museums among others) goes out and claims that you should demand an entry pay of 26000 sek or ca 2300 €/ a month (at this date 1€ = ca 11,30 sek) for someone fresh out of a University with a master or equivalent (article in Swedish), a salary I haven’t accomplished after 5 years in this line of work with a master in my bag; My current salary is ca 24000 sek /month, and I’m morte or less pleased with that. I believe this recommendation is close to be considered a fraud and it makes me seriously considering leaving the union. I would guess that a reasonable first pay check in my line of work today is somewhere around 19-21000 sek depending on the employer and the job, at least among those I know.

I honestly believe that if someone without experience just leaving a University or High school demands this payment they’ll be considered a joke by employer and thier application’s cast away. This makes this recommendation a horrific one and those believing in it are truly f**ked by its own union. I recommend DIK to do a serious reality check and redo the homework. I am sure you do good things but this is just outrageous and borders on idiocy. A union should work for its members not be contra productive.

Now this does not mean that I think that there isn’t room for better pay and conditions for archaeologists. As many are badly paid and work on unsecure contract which doesn’t give the possibility to have a consecutive period of vacation etc. I just think that this is the wrong way to start, as I feel that it does not benefit those most vulnerable on the job market, those who does not have experience or are yet to build a network.

I feel that there is much for DIK to work on and I hope they do.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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