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Mesolithic Motala on film

At the city Motala on the eastern shore line of lake Vettern a big excavation that in part is still on- going that concerns the mesolithics. The excavations are being done by Riksantikvarieämbetet (the National Heritage Board) UV Öst (RAÄ UV Öst) (link in Swedish about the excavation) and by Stiftelsen Kulturmiljö (link in Swedish about the excavation).

The excavations concern at least one settlement and several different activity areas; production sites, graves etc, that are dated to ca 6000-4000 BC. There are also remains of a medieval farmstead, dated to ca 1200-1300 AD.

There are several things that are special about this site among them the exceptional preservation environment, UV has made this film, with English subtitles, that allows you to find out more about this exiting place and the finds that has been made.

The film is produced by Martin Wanngård at BringitoLife during 2010 and 2011 and is 18 minutes long and is part of RAÄ UV Öst’s intermediary of the results.

Magnus Reuterdahl


Between Holsjunga and Ostersund

I’m back at the office in Östersund to produce a couple of reports and do some preparation works for some jobs in Ostergotland County. When I returned from Vastergotland to Stockholm last week I made a few stops along the way; a rune stone, a grave field and at the excavations at the Mesolithic sites in Motala where Kulturmiljövård Mälardalen (Link in Swedish) and the national Heritage board (Link in Swedish, great pictures) are working.

On occasion you’ll get envious on others projects, this is such an occasion. I can’t wait for the reports from these excavations – many of the finds are very well preserved in layers of wet mud – artifacts made of bone, antler and tree are emerging in excellent condition as well as antler chips from making the tools (Link to picture of antler with carvings). The national Heritage board has excavated at one of these sites some years back which resulted in a doctoral thesis and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more will come out of these ones too. In total ca 50 archaeologists will work on these sites this summer. More in this in a future post.

Magnus Reuterdahl

New week, new locality

I have just arrived in Motala in Ostergotland for two days of work, a small archaeological investigation to delineate a settlement just outside of Motala.

Then follow a couple of days of survey work in Lerums municipality, in the same area I was a month ago; Rävbacka because they want to use another area for wind energy works.

A lot of travelling, it’s tuff but gives me the possibility to see much of the country and visit places and cultural and ancient remains I probably never would seen otherwise, juist one of the perks with this particular job. 

Magnus Reuterdahl

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