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Deadlines and articles

I’ve been a bit slow on posting lately, this is due to some deadlines. I’ve been writing an article, together with Johan Klange, on the neolithic Yangshao traditions of the Yellow river valley for a periodical called Kinarapport (China report) published by the Swedish-Chinese association. And I am currently working on two shorter articles for Benbiten, the Swedish Osteological associations periodical on the Iron-Age dolmen Arkeologicentrum (the company I’m employed at) excavated in Odensjö a few years back. The third article is on a bone find, a madible of a coelodonta antiquitatis (a woolly rhinoceros). The find is a curiosity I read about some time ago – in a church in Smaland someone deposited it in the late 19th century and there is stayed. Someone wrote about it in the 30’s or 40’s in a local history book and I stumbled upon it and got interested – and went there and took some photos. Tomorrow I’ll stop by The Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm and look at some reference material and then write a few lines about it.

Otherwise it’s been a few weeks of indoor work, I’ve finished the first report of the year etc.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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