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A day of maritime archaeology

Tomorrow I’ll join the maritime archaeologists who are excavating the 17th century warship and flagship Kronan (the Crown), if the weather is OK.

Currently I work at Kalmar County Museum, who are responsible for the excavations of and collections salvaged from Kronan, therefore I get the chance to do some volunteer work on the dig. I won’t dive but rather help out on-board.

Kronan was found 1980 by amateur researcher Anders Franzén who also found the ship Vasa in Stockholm ström in the 1950s. Since then maritime archaeological excavations and surveys has been conducted annually. More than 30000 artifacts have been salvaged over the years, many are on display at Kalmar County museum exhibit.

Kronan was built 1668-1672 and sunk just four years later on June 1st 1676 outside of Öland in the Baltic Sea. She capsized, exploded and sank during a battle between the Swedish naby and the joined Danish-Dutch fleet. More than 800 men went with her and only some forty men survived. It went down and rests at approximately 27 meters depth.

On Kalmar County Museum museum webpage (which is translatable to several languages) there’s lots more facts and pictures as well as on Wikipedia (English version).

So let us hope Poseidon is in a good mood tomorrow as we “set sail”.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Kalmar County Museum blog – a new home away from home

Kalmar County Museum blog Arkeologi i Kalmar län (Archaeology in Kalmar County) is a blog regarding the work that is beeing carried out by the archaeology division at the museum. Which I’m now a part of. I’ve just posted my first blog post for Kalmar County Museum (In Swedish) – go check it out 🙂

This does in no way mean I’ll quite this one – but I will post, on and off – in Swedish, posts regarding my current work at Arkeologi i Kalmar län. On this blog it’s as always my thoughts and words which not necessarily are the same as my employers.

Magnus Reuterdahl

A week at the museum

What do an archaeologist do when he isn’t excavating? We do quite a lot of things – some obvious some less so. We write reports on the field works, we analyze the finds we’ve made, we attend meetings, we write survey and excavation plans, we attend meetings etc.

This week I’ve mainly been indoors preparing for a work next week’s work just outside Västervik. There’s a lot that needs to be seen to before you begin digging into the cultural layers. In this case I hadn’t done the excavation plan myself – so first there was some reading up, to get to know the area, what’s, what preps had been done etc. e.g. what I need to do. The work is the first step in the Swedish archaeological process an archaeological investigation; this means a survey of the area and on occasion we also dig search shafts in order to find remnants hidden underground – as will do in this particular job.

First things first – living arrangements; I got a hold of livening quarters just by the site – two minutes to my work area, lunch at home etc… luxury 🙂

Next order of business getting hold of a rover (a RTK Instrument) – a kind of multi-GPS, a backhoe and make sure that all tools are in place such as shovels, hoes, helmets, pads, tracing paper, etc.

Finally there are the question of other things that might be hidden underground – cables, wires, tubes etc. All to make sure all you guys still have an internet connection, electricity and water.

Well now all is done, I hope, so next week is field week 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl

A busy day

Tomorrow I’m off to Kalmar and Kalmar County Museum for a five month tour, hopefully longer. So it’s packing and finding out what I need for my first week. On Wednesday I’ll be part of a Nordic TAG panel on social media and archaeology – I’ll have to give some thought to that as well.

I’ll be back with some pics and thoughts on Kalmar tomorrow

Magnus Reuterdahl

New job, new town, new challenges

Unemployment – bye, bye! Kalmar – Hallo!

I’m south east bound – to Kalmar in Kalmar County on the Swedish south east coast where I will work at Kalmar läns museum (Kalmar County museum) from the end of April ’til September or longer. Kalmar county is part of Småland where I worked a lot in the past, foremost in Kronoberg County but also on a few jobs in Jönköping County where I was born and raised and some years back on Öland in Kalmar County. In 2004 I was part of an excavation team at Ottenby Kungsgård where we excavated an pitted ware culture site (ca 3300-2400 BC), see more on this here.

I’m looking forward to an interesting season :). If you’re in the neighbourhood don’t be a stranger! Currently I’m looking for housing so if you got any tips send me a mail (inventerare()hotmail()com) or write a comment!

Magnus Reuterdahl

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