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Illustrative illustrations

As usual a trip to Jonkoping means that I also get some new editions to my library; this time I bought Människor och andar (Men and spirits) by Ossian Elgström (1921), the Atlas (containing 14 illustrations) from Muittalus Samid Birra (A book on the lives of the Sami) by Johan Turi (1910) and Atlas öfver Skandinaviens däggdjur (Atlas; the Mammals of Scandinavia) by A.E. Holmgren (text) and W. Meves (illustrations) (1873).

The books are richly illustrated, I though I’d share some of the illustrations and some info on the books.

August Emil Holmgren’s (1829-88) was a Swedish zoologist. His research took him on travels throughout Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Spitsbergen. His research was foremost on bugs, especially on wasps and two winged insects, but he was also well oriented on birds, mammals and flora. Some illustrations from Atlas öfver Skandinaviens däggdjur

Bear (Landtbjörn)

Craniums  (mammals)

Johan Turi aka Johan Thuuri aka Johan Tuuri aka Johan Thuri (1854 -1936) is one of the first Sami writers. Interesting is that due to lack of schooling he invented a writing system of his own to be able to write down his story. Some illustrations from Muittalus Samid Birra;

Josef David Ossian Elgström (1883 -1950) was a Swedish ethnologist, author and artist. Among other things he made several travels to Lapland, Sápmi and Greenland where he studied myths and lore which he presented in several books and in paintings as these  illustrations from Människor och andar;

Illustration of the legend of the animal with the iron tail

Illustration of the legend of the intestines disemboweler

Another illustration of the legend of the intestines disemboweler

Well that’s all for now.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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