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Järstorps kyrka

Yesterday I visited Jarstorp (Järstorp) church just outside Jonkoping to take a picture of a small runic inscription on one of the foundation stones at the NW corner of the ship on the outside. The church is not medieval but it stands on a medieval base.

 SM 119 M Runic

The inscription is IARNSTORB (SM 119 M) which is the place name and parish name of the Church; it’s covered by a steel plate.

 SM 119 M Runic_2

Jarstorp church is also a good example of how to make modern additions to a church, a ramp for wheelchairs has been added, this blend well into the church building. I think it is important to show good examples and I think this is a good example that function, architectonical elements and cultural values can work together.

Järstorps kyrka ramp

Järstorps kyrka ramp2

Magnus Reuterdahl

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