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A blast from the past

Yesterday a replica of an medieval cog anchored just outside Kalmar County Museum. The cog is a replica from a cog built ca 1390 AD or a little later. Its built by Fotevikens Museum and the city of Malmoe.

A cog or cog-built vessel is a type of ship, the earlist one known is from 10th century. It was widely used from around the 12th century on and are mostly associated with medieval Europe, especially the Hanseatic League, particularly in the Baltic Sea region.

Cogs, such as this, were generally built of oak. The ship was fitted with a single mast and a square-rigged single sail.

This one is large and based on a wreck found outside Scania, they are currently on their way to Gotland. Read more about the cog at Fotevikens webpage.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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