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Between Holsjunga and Ostersund

I’m back at the office in Östersund to produce a couple of reports and do some preparation works for some jobs in Ostergotland County. When I returned from Vastergotland to Stockholm last week I made a few stops along the way; a rune stone, a grave field and at the excavations at the Mesolithic sites in Motala where Kulturmiljövård Mälardalen (Link in Swedish) and the national Heritage board (Link in Swedish, great pictures) are working.

On occasion you’ll get envious on others projects, this is such an occasion. I can’t wait for the reports from these excavations – many of the finds are very well preserved in layers of wet mud – artifacts made of bone, antler and tree are emerging in excellent condition as well as antler chips from making the tools (Link to picture of antler with carvings). The national Heritage board has excavated at one of these sites some years back which resulted in a doctoral thesis and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more will come out of these ones too. In total ca 50 archaeologists will work on these sites this summer. More in this in a future post.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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