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Day of archaeology 2013

It’s that time of the year again – DAY OF ARCHAEOLOGY 2013 – and I’ve written a small piece; your welcome to read that or any other of the several hundreds, hopefully thousands, of posts beeing published on archaeology today.

Check out my post here.

Check out Day of archaeology 2013 here.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Day of Archaeology Sweden – 25th year anniversary!

Arkeologidagen (Swedish word) or Day of Archaeology is an annual event in Sweden, celebrating its 25th consecutive year. All over Sweden the National Heritage board, the County museums and other excavating companies, foundations and universities shows part of their work for the public, usually by opening up an excavation-site to the public, by giving lectures or by giving tours.

This year Day of Archaeology is on Sunday August 26th .

In Östergötland County you can visit the excavations at Linköpings castle where Östergötland museum are excavating a tower foundation, dated to ca 1100-1300 AD (read more here) or visit the excavations done by the National Heritage board, UV Öst, at Askeby monastery (read more here). In Norrköping Stiftelsen Kulturmiljövård opens up the excavation site at the quarter Mjölnaren where parts of the medieval and historic part of the town is excavted (read more here). Another event in Norrköping is held by the rock art museum Himmelstalund that gives guided tours of the rock art area (read more here).

And more… this is but a few of the things happening, keep a look out for more! If you are in another part of Sweden check the local museum or the National Heritage board webpagefor some of the activities.

OBS – All links are in Swedish, but that’s normally readable with a little help of google translate etc.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Day of Archaeology 2012

It’s on again – Day of Archaeology – check it out, last year more than 400 archaeologists world wide posted – lets see how many we are this year. My contirbution is called Who is an archaeologist? – check it out!

Magnus Reuterdahl

On June 29th it’s time for Day of Archaeology 2012

On June 29th it’s time for Day of Archaeology, I’ll participate as I did last year (read the post here) and was one of ca 400 archaeologists that contributed, from all over the world.

Read more about the project here!

If you haven’t allready join up for Day of archaeology on the 29th June and contribute with a blogpost!

Magnus Reuterdahl

Day of Archaeology 2011

Found this on-line and urge all archaeologist and others within the cutural heritage trade to jump on the wagon and give evidence of what you do on july 29th for Day of Archaeology 2011.

Archaeologists taking part in the project will document their day through photographs, videos and written blog posts. These will then be collected on this website, which will provide a glimpse into a day in the life of people working in archaeology, from archaeological excavations to laboratories, universities, community archaeology groups, education services, museums and offices.

Day of Archaeology 2011 read all about it here!

Magnus Reuterdahl

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