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Two books on very different subjects

As I wrote I’ve gotten two new books, as far as I know they’re only available in Swedish. The first is written by Jan Agertz and Adel Vestbo-Franzén at Jonkoping County museum and called Visingsös bebyggelse och landskap i äldre lantmäterikartor och 1500-talets handlingar which translates to the Settlements and landscape of the island Visingsö as recorded in older surveying maps and the 16th century public and legal documents.


The island Visingsö is very interesting from archaeological and historical aspects as very little of the infrastructure have changed since the end 16th century. The place names are the same, a lot of the prehistoric and historic landscape has been preserved ’til today.

A nice and interesting publication that I as yet only have gazed through and I think that I have to rethink some previous ideas that I had. I’ll come back to it as I’ve read it more through fully; there are a few question marks that I’ve scribbled in the marginal.

The book is available through the Jonkoping County museum.  

Another book I’ve been waiting on is Perry Johansson’s Sinofilerna – Kinakunskap och politik från Sven Hedin till Jan Myrdal which translates to The Sinofilerna – Knowledge, collecting and politics – from Sven Hedin to Jan Myrdal. As I understand this is a critical study of the Swedish explorers, scientists etc that has worked in China or with Chinese materials during the 20th century. Johan Gunnar Andersson, Bernhard Karlgren, Sven Hedin and Jan Myrdal have gotten a chapter of critique each. I’ve heard both good and bad about this book so I’ll try to read it with open eyes. For me personally the chapter concerning Johan Gunnar Andersson, who among other things identified the Yangshao culture, is perhaps the most interesting. As I’ve scimmed the pages I’ve noticed a few parts where I think that I have a diffrent poisition or perception than the author, but I’ll hold these thoughts to myself for now.


I’ll come back to this book as soon as possible.


Magnus Reuterdahl

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