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Then this sojourn in Östersund has come to an end. Well it is as it and now it’s time to find new projects or a new employer. I’ve liked it up here, it’s a nice enough city and my colleagues have been great and i’ve learned a lot-  though it will good to be without the constant travels for awhile.

Change is sometimes necessary and I guess now is as a good time as any. Talking about change I thought it was time for the blog to get a facelift – hope you like it. I got a few post from Vienna coming up the coming days so there will be a few pictures from a few museums – unfortunately not from das Pathologisch-anatomisches Bundesmuseum (the Federal Pathologic-anatomical Museum) in Vienna as photographing was not allowed there. I would like to recommend it though – it’s an interesting museum, with several good examples of who disease such as syphilis and tuberculoses etc can leaves marks the skeleton. So if you’re there its well worth a visit.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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