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Magnus in action

It’s not often I publish pictures of myself here at Testimony of the spade but I got these pictures of me in the field taken by fellow archaeologist Joel Berglund and I thought it might be a good idea to give evidence that I actually do some work as well as blogging. Here I am behind […]

A theme song for a Stone Age excavation

Day 8 at the Skepplanda 32 excavation dealt a mixed hand; a bit of rain, a good deal of sun and some wind to top it off. It all started with horses though, two had escaped and was finding our excavation site a nice enough place (sorry no photos).   Obviously not all that glimmer […]

Through the eye of the Geodimeter

  The excavation continues, though a lot of nice flints and some ceramics we’ve still haven’t found any traces of the settlement itself, no postholes, no cocking pits and no hearths. Well we’ve found one hearth but it’s probably Iron Age and not Stone Age though a C14 analysis will settle that at a later […]

Alvhem Rock Art

  In Alvhem (= the home of the elves) ca 40 km northeast of Gothenburg on Jätteberget (the mountain of giants) is a small rock with a number of beautiful rock carvings, Skepplanda 56:1. The rock is ca 10 x 5 m.   Most of the carvings on this rock are of ships but there […]

A few finds

A few finds from Skepplanda 32. The majority of the finds are different kinds of flints;   A square flint arrow head and a small flint chip (ca 15 mm x 3 mm)   A flint knife   A flint scrape   A flint chip These are just a few of our finds, most finds […]

Neolithic settlement

I’m sitting on the train towards Gothenburg and then to Skepplanda where I will work on an excavation the coming three weeks. The excavation concerns a Neolithic settlement called Skepplanda 32:1. It is ca 100 x 75 m. At a previous excavation in order to delineate the settlement finds including a post hole, flints including […]

In Ostersund again

Midsummer is over and I back at work, this week in Ostersund and for the consecutive three after that in Skepplanda just north of Gothenburg on a Neolithic settlement dig.   I’ve got some nice pictures from a few travels that are due on the blog this week. Magnus Reuterdahl

Involuntary radio silence

I’ve participating in a dig about 50 km north of Gothenburg, Sweden’s 2d largest city; I’ll come back to the dig at a later time. As I came to Gothenburg last Sunday I hadn’t expected that just 5 miles north thereof we would have no cell phone access which of course also meant no internet […]