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Need Swedish museums more volunteers?

The annual political event Almedalen, on the island Gotland in Sweden, is just around the corner.

During the first week of July politicians and lobby-organisations meet on common ground to discuss current events – and this year I’m in ūüôā

Cultural Heritage is of course part if that and so are questions regarding museums, archives and libraries. A few months ago I was elected to the board of DIK – the creative union; that includes communicators, archaeologists, museum employees, antiquarians, librarians, speech pathologist etc.

One of the debates this year concerns volunteers in cultural institutions. In one corner are Annika Olsson, Gender studies РStockholm University, (me) Magnus Reuterdahl, DIK, and Karin Thorasdotter, Arenagruppen.

On this side we are concerned when it comes to volunteers. There is a risk that they are replace paid personal, and issues regarding insurances, liability and costs are not clear – among other things.

On the opposite side are Lars Amréus, Antiquarian of the Realm, Riksantikvarieämbetet (National heritage board), Nicklas Lundblad, IT debater, social policy adviser, Google and Lars-Anders Johansson, responsible for cultural issues, Timbro.

They are for more volunteers.

The debattle is organized by Riksutställningar (The Swedish Travelling Exhibitions) under the name; Need Swedish museums more volunteers? (Behöver svenska museer fler volontärer?)

The debate is held on July 2,10:00 Р11:30 at Riksutställningar.

Read more about it here (in Swedish).

Magnus Reuterdahl

A blast from the past

The other day my eye caught a glimpse of Drakar & Demoner br√§dspelet (Dungeons & Dragons the board game). I picked up the game, read on the back and suddenly I was 15 again, holding the Dungeons & Dragons RPG module, throwing dices, lost deep inside a fantasy world ‚Äď I just knew I gotta have that, I gotta play that ūüôā

Tonight I’ll throw those dices again as my hero takes the stance ready to battle trolls, elfs or whatever the game master (in this case the cards) are ready to through at me. I will get out of this cursed woods, I’ll find the secret it holds and the dragon will carry me to victory…

Magnus Reuterdahl

Digital piracy

Today one of my hotmail accounts was shanghaied; fortunately, I found it quickly and was able to regain control of the account. Two spam mails, however, was sent out from my merovingerking account with the title ‚ÄúHi‚ÄĚ ‚Äď if you happened to get one dispose of it asap.

While I understand why it’s done Рso I do hope that karma is real and that the idiots behind this hostile take over gets what’s coming to them, i.e. some kind of digital keel-hauling.

In the immortal word of captain Haddock ‚Äď ‚ÄĚThundering herd of zapotecs!‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúTwo-timing Tartar Twisters!‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĚ “anf√§kta,¬†anamma (Swedish)¬†etc. etc.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Happy days are here again

The tax man taketh away the tax man and giveth back.¬†This year he was nice, to me, and today I noticed that the tax rebate had found its way into my account. That means I‚Äôll go hunt for a new camera this weekend. I‚Äôm pretty sure it‚Äôs going to be either a Nikon D90 or D5000 though I‚Äôm open to suggestions. I‚Äôve had a lot of fun with my Nikon coolpix but I‚Äôve wanted a “real” camera for a while and now‚Äôs the time.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Going to Kristinehamn

The last day of this summer vaction is closing in, I return to work on Tuesday, but still a few lazy days awaits and we better do the best of it. Today we’re going to Kristinehamn to visit friends and enjoy the sights.

Kristinehamn became a city in 1582 and is situated by the shoreline of lake V√§nern, known for the beautiful archipelagic idyll and the world¬īs biggest(?) Picasso sculpture. The sculpture measures 15 m in height and is a portrayal of his wife Jacqueline. It was set up in 1965. I‚Äôll take a few pictures and update when I‚Äôm back again.


Magnus Reuterdahl

Obama got it!

I got this great picture from a friend from facebook the other day ūüėÄ (Originally from Pundit kitchen)

Magnus Reuterdahl

I‚Äôve made a ‚Äúmathematical‚ÄĚ discovery

Perhaps ‚Äúmathematical‚ÄĚ discovery is just a bit of an overstatement, but keep in mind that I was a humanities student and math really isn‚Äôt my thing, in light of that this is hugh.

As a habitual commuter between Stockholm and √Ėstersund, a journey of ca 550 km by car, I‚Äôve made a discovery. I‚Äôve travelled this route on several occasions the last year using a GPS to optimize the route. As it is quite boring to travel the exact same route every time and due to the fact that the shortest route isn¬īt necessary the fastest I initially experimented a bit. After awhile I found what I believe is the most effective route and then my eyes began to open.

Now, something strange occurred, I noticed that my car began to drink fuel like a drunk given access to a bar, i.e. in plentitude. Strangely enough this just happened on occasion so I began thinking that something was amiss with my car. But as it only happened on occasion I began keeping a log. After awhile I could see a pattern, my car need about 10 more liters going from Stockholm to √Ėstersund than the other way around, ca 45 l (0,81 l/10km) vs. 35 l ¬†(0,63 l/10km). My first thought was that it might have to with my driving, did I drive faster when going to work than going home (Strange thought ‚Äď I know)? Therefore, I began a new log keeping a record on my driving time, but no, the driving time was always within a 10 minute discrepancy.

So what is the problem? ‚Äď The only thing I‚Äôve been able to think of is that going towards √Ėstersund (north) I‚Äôm moving up in the world, that is uphill, and going to Stockholm I‚Äôm going downhill, and that makes all the difference. In other words it cost me ca 130 Swedish kronor (ca $16,90, ‚ā¨13,65) extra going home than going to work ‚Äď it‚Äôs a bummer but a discovery including math nether the less.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Kille is the name of the game

I got older a few days ago, one of the presents managed to find its way over here; a deck of cards. Now this might not seem like much but there was some though behind this, I’ll get back to that. The game is called Killespelet which if I understand it right is derived from the game Coucou, a French game from the 16th century that quickly became popular all over central Europe. In the end of the 18th century a special deck of cards were invented for the game. During the 18th century the game the game became popular in Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc as Hexenspiel (The witch game) and Vogelkarten (the bird cards). The first time the game is mentioned in Sweden is in 1741 as campio. The name changed to Kille sometime during the first half of the 19th century, the first time it is mentioned is in 1833. The game in itself can be played in several variants all used in gambling.

The deck only holds one colour with 21 denominations; these are in doublets making the deck hold a total of  42 cards.

I wrote that there was some thoughts behind this present, an it is not that I am known for gambling or a certain love for card games, but another peculiar fact; This particular deck of cards is a facsimile from a deck printed in the middle of the 19th century by my ancestor Carl Fredrik Reuterdahl who owned a printing company that in Malmö.

Carl Fredrik Reuterdahl, brother of Henrik Reuterdahl (archbishop 1856-1870), born 1797 and died 1876. He became a merchant and started several businesses such as a printing shop and a wine importing company or shop (I’m not sure which) which according to Henrik Reuterdahl went bad and costed him a lot of money as he had guaranteed several loans in his brothers name.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Arrived in Greece

I’ve arrived in Thessaloniki at a luxurious hotel, but as we went up at about 0400 this morning all we’ve been able to put in are food, wine and a few beers. Today it’s cold and rainy but the wheatear report promises better weather forth.

I’ll get update tomorrow with a bit more substance.

Magnus Reuterdahl

…a ticket for an aeroplane…

I’m off to Greece and Thessaloniki so the next post is from there.


Magnus Reuterdahl

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