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Skepplanda end game

The excavation is done, all is packed and we’ve left Skepplanda 32. I though I collect all the post here. Start here! continue here! There are also information available in Arkeologicentrum’s newsletter (in Swedish) Best wishes  Magnus Reuterdahl

Yet another Monday at Skepplanda

Monday mornings are often grey, so was this one. It started witha grey sky and heavy clouds that kept pouring rain on us but as the day progressed so did the weather. During the worst part of the rain we took a quick pause and went to Lodose museum to see their exhibit on the coastline curves on […]

Skepplanda day 9

 Today dark clouds covered the sky and the rain have been falling more or less the whole day, most of the time in form of a drizzle. Now this does not stop an archaeologist in the field all that happens is that you get dirty. Among other things I found this nice double edged flint […]

Skepplanda Rock Art

As I returned to Skepplanda this afternoon I saw a road sign just outside of Skepplanda saying; Rock carvings (Skepplanda 20:1).  So I stopped the car and took a quick walk – the pathfinder sign is due for replacement though. The rock carving was set at big rock wall at Stugåsberget, in my eyes it’s […]

Skepplanda 32; the beginning of the end

It’s been a hot couple of days with lots of sun, but all is well in Skepplanda due to lots and lots of water and some nice finds that keeps the spirits high. In this picture at the S part of the settlement a search shaft has been made wherein we’ve found several nice flints, among […]

Skepplanda 230

The last week I’ve been participating in an excavation of an Neolithic settlement (Skepplanda 230) in Skepplanda parish near Skepplanda. The settlement was ca 35 x 20 m. In 2006 an archaeological investigation was carried out to determine the settlement size. At this time several search trenches were dug and 10 flints were found which were […]

From Kalmar with love

Then this year filed season has started. A few days in Västervik – a few search trenches and a couple of excavated cultivation cairns – not much but a nice start in the sunshine. Now a short period indoors; writing a report on the mentioned field work, making preps for the next fieldwork, writing a […]

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae Magnus Reuterdahl Uppdaterad 2012-11-25 Anställningar 2012 Länsstyrelsen i Östergötlands län Antikvarie/Arkeolog; 2021-02-01 – 2013-10-31 2011-2012 Länsstyrelsen i Västernorrlands län Antikvarie/Arkeolog; 2011-10-10 – 2012-01-31 2011 Kalmar Läns museum Arkeolog; 2011-04-26 -2011-09-30 2010 Arkeologikonsult Arkeolog; 2010-11-09 – 2010-12-17 2009-2010 Arkeologicentrum Arkeolog; 2009-04-01 – 2010-10-26 2008/2009 Länsstyrelsen Norrbottens län Antikvarie; 2008-10-06 – 2009-03-31 2008 Norrbottens Museum Arkeolog/Osteolog; Augusti – […]

Last in line

Tomorrow is the last day at Skepplanda 32 and most of the work will concern dismantling the excavation site, packing and finishing up. Today we finished one of the larger hearths at Skepplanda 32, it was ca 4 m in diameter and ca 0,5 m deep. We didn’t find many artefacts in it but I […]

We’re close to the finishing line

The Skepplanda 32 excavation is beginning to come to an end – only two days left. We’ve made a lot of interesting finds during the excavation and these last few days we also found some hearts and cocking pits whereof some might be Neolithic. Several of them looks like they’re from the Iron Age but […]