Platsr – web toy or web tool?

Heard om platsr (in Swedish playing with the word plats=place and r, or rather the rune R =used to mark ancient monuments on Sweish maps), its a webpage or rather a web toy or web tool that I think this a pretty cool. The idea is that institutions, such as museums or archives, companies or the general public can upload a picture or a story and link that to a place and share that with others.

Now is it a toy or a tool – well I think it’s a bit both – one example of this is Blekinge County museum – they have uploaded this picture from their archive

The picture is licenced under Creative Commons - BY-NC-SA 2.5 belonging to Blekinge County museum

 On the picture is an unknown family visiting a church, Amiralitetskyrkan in Karlskrona. The photo is dated to the turn on the century, ca 1900 and is but one out of 100s of pictures of this particular family – Now Bleking County museum is asking for help with identifying them via Plastr. See the Platsr page here.

So if you happen to know who they are – send Bleking County museum a mail 🙂

Magnus Reuterdahl


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