Gaze into my crystal ball

See what lies behind the wall

Can’t you feel the wonder of it all…

The future is becoming more clear by the minute, at least it seems like I’ll have a job during the winter months, not the easiest thing for a hobo archaeologist, though I’ll change employer. I really enjoyed Kalmar County museum and all great colleagues and hope to return one day or another but for now it seems my most immediate future lays elsewhere. I’ve been lucky this fall and gotten several call backs to job interviews which has now lead to decision time – on Monday I’ll give you further details.

It seemed a little bit of a mess for awhile but after a few hours of thinking the decision came quite easy. So now awaits a nice weekend with some good wine, some good food and lots of rest.

Before that start there still some weeks of digging to be done in Blekinge 🙂

Have a nice weekend all!

Magnus Reuterdahl


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I am an archaeologist/Osteologist from Sweden. My main intrest lays in north Euorpean archaeology in, preferbly the prehistory of the late iron age and the neolithic periods. I've also got a strong intrest for Chinese archaeology, especially the neolithc Yangshao culture. I also write about cultural heritage and cultural history. Mitt namn är Magnus Reuterdahl, jag är arkeolog och osteolog och arbetar företrädesvis i Sverige även om jag gjort ett par vändor till Kina. På den här bloggen skriver jag om mitt yrke, om fornlämningar, kulturarv och kulturhistoria m m. View all posts by Magnus Reuterdahl

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