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Two reports away

Then my first reports for Kalmar County museum are up on the museum webpage for downloading (pdf style). They’re both in Swedish. As the results were more or less 0 I don’t expect any big rush. But as it is said a no-result is also a result.

The first concerns an archaeological evaluation in Västervik Municipality; Arkeologi på Hornslandet II. Särskild arkeologisk utredning, etapp II 2011. Del av fastigheten Horn 1:619 m fl i Västrum socken,Västerviks kommun, Kalmar län, Småland. Kalmar läns museum, Arkeologisk rapport 2011:9. The second concerns an archaeological evaluation in Mörbylånga Municipality; Ett stolphål i Eriksöre. Särskild arkeologisk utredning 2011. Del av fastigheterna Eriksöre 5:1, 6:1 och 6:14, Torslunda socken, Mörbylånga kommun, Kalmar län, Öland. Arkeologisk rapport 2011:10

Magnus Reuterdahl


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