Two ancient forts of Öland

Yesterday we took a tour on the island Öland just east of Kalmar. There are several ancient forts, many of the dates to ca 400-550 BC though some of the has been used later on as well. We visited the fort Ismantorps borg that is speciall in the way that a lot house grounds are visable.

We also visited Sandby borg. There are diffrences, Sanbyborg ius situated by the ocean and there are no visable remains of houses. But the form is more or less the same – it’s a round structure on flat land.


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3 responses to “Two ancient forts of Öland

  • Jonathan Jarrett

    I know nothing of these forts, so this may be a silly question, but were they never re-used? And if not, what circumstances gave rise to their building? How long did they continue in use, does anyone know?

    Enjoy Hawkwind: they’re good at the moment! Ozzy, I’m not so sure…

    • Magnus Reuterdahl

      @Jonathan – Ozzy is always Ozzy though it woiuld have been great to have seen him in 71 or 82.

      A few forts were reused but most wasn’t, most famous is perhaps Eketorp – that has become a tourist attraction and I sin part re-built. The ones at Öland seems to have been mainly used during the roman times ca 0-500 AD – they seem to have a connection to the roman forts and Öland had a “golden age” at this time. At the time it must have been both a political and economic center for some reason it looses that around 500 AD.

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