The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities Bulletin N:o 15 & 19

Today I got a couple books I ordered; The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities Bulletin N ° 15 & 19. We have studied these books several times during our study on the Yangshao traditions and Johan Gunnar Andersson’s work in China but not felt the need to own them – until now. In connection with our current study of parts of the collections at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm was also a need to precisely identify the specific sites and Johan Gunnar Andersson description of the digs and finds, and in these books are in many ways keys to this. The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities Bulletin N ° 15, issued in 1943 (reprinted in 1971) subtitled Research’s into the prehistory of the Chinese concerns finds from Yangshao and several other sites in Henan, Gansu and Shanxi and N: O 19 contains Prehistoric Sites in Honan by J.G. Andersson. A first problem is to transliterate the names of the settlements from the Wade-Giles transliteration (a method to transliterate Chinese into the Latin alphabet that was developed by Englishman Thomas Wade in the 1800s), used by Johan Gunnar Andersson to Pinyin which is more often used today.

More information on the Yangshao project is available at the project blog.

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