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Time to go to the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities for another day searching in Johan Gunnar Andersson’s collections. I’m a part of the Yangshao project (Link to blog – most in Swedish som in English) – a project that aims to learn more about Chinese archaeology & prehistory in general and the neolithic Yangshao traditions in particular.

At the moment we look for bone materials (animal bones) collected during the 1920s at several chinese sites, most situated in the Gansu province. Most of the finds were collected by Johan Gunnar Andersson (1874–1960). This first basic re-search aims to identify the material, from what sites they are and to figure out questions that might give interesting results as well as be possible to do. The material is larger than we originally thought and hold several interesting finds; among them several neolithic dogs, bones from goat, sheep, cow and several different cervids – these can be used to study butchery age and give information on animal size. There are also a lot bone/horn artefacts; needles, scrapes, clubs, handles etc . I’ll get back to you with more information as we get it.

Two things I can show you are two find boxes. One of the things that hits you when you look through old materials is what was used to store the finds: cigarette boxes, film boxes etc. These are a lot more beautiful than todays:

We also found this great reproduction of the Bejing man (Sinathropus pekinensis) skull, made in England by R.F. Damon & company.

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