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Quoted on Swedish radio

Testimony of the spade was mentioned and quoted on Swedish radio this morning, in the program P1 Morgon (Morning-show) or possibly in one of the morning newscasts at P1, in connection with discussions on exploratory archaeology and due to the proposition Increased competition in the mission (exploratory) archaeological field – some changes to the Cultural Heritage Act (DS 2011:6) the Swedish government sent out for consultation some days ago.

I haven’t heard it so I’m not sure what they quoted – and how – yet. If you know please let me know. I just found the text link from sr.se (in Swedish) – läs mer här and the radio link (download mp3) or click the link; Nyheter från vetenskapsradion (News from Scienceradio) at the linked page – it starts at ca 3.10 min and forth.

My original post, now updated, can be read here.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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