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I like to scavenge throw flee markets and second hand shops. I look for different things but most often end up buying books. Today we managed three stores in Karlskoga. Didn’t find all that much but as always a few books ended up in my possession. The County museums in collaboration with the local historical society annually publishes books. Örebro County publishes the annual book called Från bergslag och bondebygd (From mining and farming districts). These books normally concerns local art, history, cultural history, archaeology etc. Sometimes there is a theme to these books such the 1980 edition: pictures from the world of work.

This time I found 1950-59, 1962 and 1980. A selection of articles from these books addresses such topics as:

  • A working year of Siggebo smelting mountain man’s farm
  • Tanners on the river
  • A Orebro Journal of 1680s
  • The preaching of the maid in Kumla
  • Deserted farms fate
  • Stone cist graves in Yxhult
  • With the mark of arrows and roses
  • The silver treasure from the Eketorp
  • The Hassle find once again

Etc. etc.

The authors of these books are both professional researchers and local historians and others. The content goes from science to trivia. I will return to them or parts of them in a future post.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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