Ölsoppa (Beer soup) – how does it taste?

Detta inlägg finns på svenska på min vinblogg Aqua Vitae.

I suffer with my ancestors if this was what was what generally was served at the tables during the 1700 and 1800s and possibly during the first part of the 1900s. Now I also understand what Wretman means when he says that this soup (?) is responsible for the Swedes earlier general aversion towards soups.

It’s not a pretty soup: it looks more like if you were to scoop the soup right out of a mud puddle. The scent is sweet, beerish and to be frank quite sickening. The taste is sweet, a bit “creamy” with the tone of off beer. The savoury version is possibly even worse here are the same tastes + nutmeg. Overall a spoon is more than enough to make me an absolutist when it comes Ölsoppa – the same applies to Anne.

This is not the worst thing I’ve tried but I can live a lifetime or two before I test it again. If you still feel the need and or desire to try it the recipe is here.

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