das Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna part 1 Egypt

Is an art museum something for an archaeologist? If they’re anything like das Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna, – YES they are.  This museum holds a large collection of ancient Greek and Roman finds; statues, frescos, ceramics etc, prehistoric finds from Egypt etc. I took a great number of pictures and thought I’d present some of them for you – at a later date I’ll try to do a few more narrative posts of the photos, now I just dived them up in cultures and periods – a perhaps a few comments.

The first rooms are filled with ancient Egyptian finds from the ages of the Pharaohs to roman times. If I’m not mistaken a few ceramic finds might predate the Pharaohs.

A few of the painted vessels just behind the first row are painted pottery that at least highly remains of Neolithic painted pottery from Egypt that I’ve seen such as Naqada.

There’s more to come!

Magnus Reuterdahl


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