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Going to Vienna in October

In a few weeks I’ll travel to Vienna with my fiancée to attend the European winebloggers conference 2010, I also have a wine blog – Aqua Vitae – that is written in Swedish. Before the conference we have a few days of enjoying the sites. This is my first visit to Vienna so there’s much that I want to see. Among other things I’m going to visit a few museums such as the Wien Museum (Stadtarchäologie Wien), Museum für Völkerkunde and the Vienna Natural History Museum which display Venus of Willendorf.

I’ve just begun reading up on Austria and Vienna so if you have any tips for me of other museums or other things with archaeological/prehistoric profile that should not be missed, please tell me with a comment.

Magnus Reuterdahl

Autumn is coming.

It’s getting, dark, its getting grey, it’s getting cold, it’s getting wet – I want to hibernate until spring. My days in Östersund are running out, at least for now, at October 26 I’m moving back to Stockholm, full time. So if anyone know of a fun project or a job I’m open to suggestions.

Det ser ut som att det är dags att söka jobb igen, är öppen för förslag från och med den 27 oktober – gärna inom arkeologisektorn!

Magnus Reuterdahl

Vind 2000

Next week I’ll attend Vind2010, a conference on wind power in Gothenborg. Unfortunately most seminars and discussion concerns purely technical questions, one would hope that there could be made more room for other issues – for example the landscape and cultural heritage.

Some might think that the best place for that is a conference held by the National heritage board or or some other player or institution in the field of cultural heritage, and perhaps that’s true. But I believe that would just be preaching for those who already cares or are initiated. Such a conference would be good for other reasons – such as discussing methods, goals and directives. To meet with the business at their turf is important for other reason – to build contacts, to present what we do and why we do what we do – why cultural heritage is important and that it is good economics to do care for our cultural heritage early on in the process – as this makes planning more cost efficient.  By looking at the whole of the landscape it’s easier to integrate new features, to find good placing and to avoid or lessen costs both economically and for the cultural heritage as a whole. At meetings like this it’s easier to talk in a more casual way and perhaps that makes it easier to gets ones points through.

Well next week we’ll see!

Magnus Reuterdahl

Onwards toward new adventures

We’re all done here in Halland, for this time around. Tomorrow we set sail, or rather start up the Land Rover, for Västra Götland County and Lilla Edet. In Lilla Edet we’ll have one or two days work, again a survey for coming wind farm, though a small one.

Lets find out what awaits us…

Magnus Reuterdahl

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