Another day in the wild

The work continues outside of Halmstad, Halland County, in the southwest of Sweden. The area is perhaps not the most exiting if one wants to find ancient monuments, instead we’ve found several croft ruins and ruins of poor houses and of course the small fields surrounding them.

Today was a beautiful day, sunny, a light breeze and about 15-20 degrees Celsius. As I was walking over a small ridge scared the wits out of this elk (moose), as he ran away I managed to get a photo, though poorly.

They’re mighty animals, and I think I got as shocked as he or she, and fanatic to see in their own habitant, in the wild – though I kind of like to see them on plate as well.

Now it’s resting and mending for a new go tomorrow, I got a tender knee from slipping on wet root and having the fortune of landing on my knee just where a stone happened to be – it’s a bit swollen but should be fine after a few hours rest.

Magnus Reuterdahl

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