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Next week I’ll attend the National Heritage board’s course on Historic Landscapes (Landskapshistorisk utbildning), which I hope will be both interesting and educational. It’ll take place in Stockholm and in Bergslagen. The course will concern ancient and historic environments from different periods in time that mirrors our history from antiquity to the 1900s such as farmlands, mining, habitual areas etc.

I’ve not spend all that much time in Bergslagen so I’ll especially look forward to that part. Bergslagen is an area in the “middle” of Sweden within the north and west part of the province Västmaland, the north part of Örebro County, the southeast part of the province Värmland and the south part of the province Dalarna. Though some also includes part of the provinces Närke, Östergötland, Uppland and Gästrikland – the boundaries differs a bit depending on source and who set them for what purpose. Anyhow Bergslagen is an area that has historically been heavily dependent of mining and metal production.

I also look forward of meeting colleagues for professional as well as social discussions and some good photo ops, so I get use of my new camera.

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