A new toy and an unexpected irl meeting

I got me a new toy today, a Nikon D-90, which hopefully will be a tool for better picture here at the spade in the future. I’ve loved my Nikon coolpix and it will still be of use, as a field camera but with my new one I hopefully can get better close ups and overviews.

Fun thing, was at the amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm yesterday seeing the Cult playing when I got blog spotted irl by a fellow archaeologist, Damien Boden, I’ve never met him before, except on-line, I’m still a bit flabbergasted that he recognized me from, I guess pictures on the blog and the internet-forum arkeologiforum.se – and he spotted me amongst the thousands there – amazing, and fun.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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I am an archaeologist/Osteologist from Sweden. My main intrest lays in north Euorpean archaeology in, preferbly the prehistory of the late iron age and the neolithic periods. I've also got a strong intrest for Chinese archaeology, especially the neolithc Yangshao culture. I also write about cultural heritage and cultural history. Mitt namn är Magnus Reuterdahl, jag är arkeolog och osteolog och arbetar företrädesvis i Sverige även om jag gjort ett par vändor till Kina. På den här bloggen skriver jag om mitt yrke, om fornlämningar, kulturarv och kulturhistoria m m. View all posts by Magnus Reuterdahl

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