Magnus goes to hell

How far would you go for a blogpost? I went to the gates of hell – or at least to helvetesbrännan.

The Swedish word for hell is helvete, brännan comes from same word as the English burn. The area has been affected by many fires – dendrochronology shown that the area had at least 28 forest fires between1165 and 1891, i.e. an average of one fire every 26 years.

This is not the kind of hell filled with brimstone and perpetual fires – but rather a hell for those who crave city-life, asphalt, concrete, sounds and constant human contacts.  This is instead a desolate area of “untouched” nature, now this is not true, there are animals living here, and it is affected by humans as all nature is, there is a road leading up to it, information signs, hikes etc and of course traces of human history.

Now I’ve only seen the gates so I’ll take the words of others – this is a fantastic place for wild life observation, for peace and quite, for natural experiences etc. The area is a natural reservation and is approximately 3400 acres big.

On my way up there, and its upwards not downwards, the road is… well, not good – but doable with a car, though not with a sports car or a car that you care for.

You’ll start out on asphalt and then it’s dust roads, you’ll pass the river Styx, the stones coloured blood red, the dessert and then you reach the gates of hell!

the river Styx

the blood red stones

the desert

the hellmouth or the gate of the burning inferno sometimes called  hell (hellvetesbrännan)

This is Magnus Reuterdahl reporting that he got out free from the demons of hell and the Hellmouth and got home to Stockholm in one piece, at least for the weekend.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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