On a shopping spree

The paycheck is burning a hole in my pocket so I went on a small shopping spree and bought some fantastic hand colored 17th century prints from the book Antiquae urbis splendor (1612-1628) by Giacomo Lauro (1583-1650). It’s quite fantastic to realize that you’re holding a sheet of paper from the 17th century in is such good condition and that the colors are so alive after more than 400 years. I’ve excavated much younger artifacts in much worse condition than these, though, obviously, not made of paper.

Here are a few of the prints – enjoy!

De Copiis Romanorum maritimis

Thermae Titi Vespasiani

On the back of each print is a text in Latin, German and French

Templum Honoris et Virtutis

Magnus Reuterdahl

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