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At 2007-04-12 the first post was posted at Testimony of Spade – I would never guess that I still would be posting three years later. In time it has become somewhat of an addiction, though the frequency might differ a bit between the seasons, somehow there seems to be more to write about when doing field work. Over the years it’s accumulated to 389 posts, this beeing number 390th.

As the Spinal Tap so eloquently puts it in this tune

In ancient times…

Hundreds of years before the dawn of history
Lived a strange race of people… the Druids

No one knows who they were or what they were doing
But their legacy remains
Hewn into the living rock… Of Stonehenge

Stonehenge! Where the demons dwell
Where the banshees live and they do live well
Stonehenge! Where a man’s a man
And the children dance to the Pipes of Pan

Well my interpretations may be a bit more traditional and not quite so out there as Spinal Taps but I do study and work with material that are from before the dawn and history also known as from prehistoric times (well I often tend to work with and write about historic times and the current as well) and I’ll continue posting stuff about it here.

You’re invited to Testimony of the spade year 4!

Magnus Reuterdahl


About Magnus Reuterdahl

I am an archaeologist/Osteologist from Sweden. My main intrest lays in north Euorpean archaeology in, preferbly the prehistory of the late iron age and the neolithic periods. I've also got a strong intrest for Chinese archaeology, especially the neolithc Yangshao culture. I also write about cultural heritage and cultural history. Mitt namn är Magnus Reuterdahl, jag är arkeolog och osteolog och arbetar företrädesvis i Sverige även om jag gjort ett par vändor till Kina. På den här bloggen skriver jag om mitt yrke, om fornlämningar, kulturarv och kulturhistoria m m. View all posts by Magnus Reuterdahl

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