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There’s a carnival in town

Now up and running at Ciarán Brewster of Ad Hominin is the 88th ed of the blog carnival Four Stone Hearth, check it out! I love the blog carnival format; you get presented with a lot of good and interesting reading, some on subjects that you might have found anyways and some on subjects and blogs that you never would have looked up otherwise. As always the topics tends to cover a lot of ground in this edition there are subjects covering brooches of Vendel Period in Scandinavia, Siberian languages, Ida the lemur, Coca Cola’s over-exploitation of water resources in India and lots more.

Another way of finding blogs on the subject of anthropology is sites that make different kinds of listings on blogs concerning anthropology, archaeology or such. Testimony of the spade is included on some such lists such as Online Degrees.net, who have posted a 100 best blogs for anthropology students (se number 60), radiologytechnicianschools.net who posted 50 best blogs for archaeology students and invesp blog ranks Top 25 Anthropology blogs, this is a collection of blogs listed based on their popularity via X number of factors. These sites and others is a good way to find a way to the anthropologic blogosphere and some great blogs on the subject.

Thanks for including me!

Magnus Reuterdahl

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