Returning from London and the meeting with MAP

The Yangshao project (me and my associate Johan Klange) went to London on Thursday and returned late last night for a conference with MAP (Museo Arti Primarie aka. the Museum of Primary Arts) at the British museum. The trip to London went well, the weather was fine and the sun was shining most of the time so we walked a lot and enjoyed the London spring. It was a bit hard to return to ca – 5º c and several dm of snow.

While walking about we visited the V & A (Victorian & Albert) museum, Natural History Museum and managed to get a quick look at some of the exhibits at British Museum.

Natural History Museum

British Museum

On Friday afternoon we enjoyed the conference or rather the art performances of – and press conference about MAP. Afterwards we had a constructive meeting discussing the different painted pottery traditions that often are clustered as the Yangshao culture and discussing the future, more about that in a later post. They also did an interview with us on camera that will be available on their webpage sometime in the future.

Giuliano Arnaldi at the MAP conference

Well, home again and now begins the work of putting something together for the next step for the project a meeting in Savona, Italy, with MAP where we’ll hold a short seminar/lecture on the Yangshao period.

Painted  pottery at V & A

Best wishes

Magnus Reuterdahl

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2 responses to “Returning from London and the meeting with MAP

  • Origuy

    The totem pole in the British Museum prompts me to say that if you ever find yourself in Vancouver, Canada, the Anthropology Museum at the University of British Columbia is a must-see.

    • Magnus Reuterdahl

      Hi Origuy

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep that in mind. Canada has been on my want-to-travel-to list for a long a time mainly for the great outdoors, but if or rather eventaully when I go I’ll be sure to cram in some museums and such as well. For now however it’s difficult to plan vacations as life as an archaeologist makes it a bit more difficult – as the archaeological season is rather short we’ll do our best to fit vacation to off-seasons which often means winter time witch concur with Canada’s and the sun seems so much more appealing, so we’ll see when I get around to Canada.

      Best wishes

      Magnus Reuterdahl

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