A seminar on Archaeology in Stockholm County

The county administrative board of Stockholm holds a seminar on archaeology in Stockholm County on Thursday February 4th that I’ll attend.


  • The Stone Age landscape at Albyberg, Haninge by Michel Guinard, SAU
  • Korsnäs revisited – an ongoing research project  on middle neolithic activities at Södertörn by Elin Fornander, the Archaeological Research Laboratory (AFL), Stockholm University
  • Mass burn sacrifice (flint and other stone tools that has been purposely exposed to fire and heat as a ritual act) in early agricultural society, Stensborg, Grödinge parish by Lars Larsson, Department of Archaeology Lund University
  • At Jarlabankes home – are the people buried at Broby, Täby parish, related? by Lars Andersson, Stockholm County Museum
  • Prehistoric ceramic usage in the eastern part of middle Sweden – a result of university- and assignment (exploration) archaeology by Sven Isaksson, the Archaeological Research Laboratory (AFL), Stockholm University
  • Karsvik in Bromma – a plateau house environment, Norra Ängby by Anna Arnberg, Johan Runar & Bengt Windelhed, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University
  • On the marine archaeological work at the harbour of Birka by Johan Rönnby, Department of Culture and Communication; Archaeology, Södertörn University
  • Excavtaions at Spånga church – a completed project by John Wendesjö, Stockholm city museum
  • The Dominican convent in Sigtuna by Anders Wikström, Sigtuna Museum

An interesting mix of university scholars and archaeologist working with assignment/exploration archaeology and an interesting mix of subjects – I’ll write a few lines on them later on.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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