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Once again in Östersund

This time I was greeted by a cloud of smoke, ca 200-300 m NNW of my living quarters a fire is raging. Well, raging is perhaps a somewhat strong word as the fire department believes that they have the situation under control. But the smell of warm metal, charcoal and smoke is eminent and I live in a house built sometimes during the end of the 19th century and what is the main material – you guessed right – wood.

Well I’ll try to sleep but I guess that might sleep a bit light, partly as it’s not all that pleasent to have a fire close by partly due to the smell.

Länstidningen Östersund (article in the local paper in Swedish)

Magnus Reuterdahl

Where things happens to end up

Sometimes you get mysterious backlinks, some awakes the curiosity in me; I got a back link to this pdf that caught my attention which in turn led me to the Apple Valley Unified School, California, USA, and the Granite Hills High School .

The pdf is regarding the human skeleton and there is a photograph on a cranium with wormian bones that I took a couple of years ago and posted here, see this post . I think it’s great that the picture has come to use and I hope ms Jones are a returning visitor to my blog and I wish the best of luck to you and your students.

Kranium med inca ben, os incae

All photos on this blog are taken by me (Magnus Reuterdahl)  if  not otherwise specified. All pictures taken by me and published on this blog are free to use, all I ask is that you give me and the blog credit for it and that they are not used in political or religious propaganda. If you want a picture with a higher resolution please contact me via e-mail or the comment function. In this case there was a reference link to the blog – thanks!

Magnus Reuterdahl

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