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Give me some attention, lend me your ear

The anthro blog carnival Four Stone Hearth # 84 is now up and running at A Primate of Modern Aspect. I’ve been lazy when it comes to contributions of late but this time I managed to write something, btw I’ll host come ed # 85 on Feb. 10th. Now I suggest that you hurry up and take part of this great ed. with contributions on subjects such as the 4SH goes ape. Here are several posts on primates; geladas, chimps, baboons, spider monkeys and gorillas from apes we go hominoid; Neanderthals, homo erectus onwards towards more recent times. Lots and lots to read about.

If you want to contribute to the next 4SH by either writing or proposing something you’ve just read contact Julien Riel-Salvatore at A very remote period indeed who’ll host 4SH # 85.

Best wishes

Magnus Reuterdahl

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