Good bye!

Yesterday a co-worker passed away. I was fortunate enough to have been working with him, though unfortunately only for a much to brief a time. Björn Winberg was an inspiring man with great knowledge and understanding of archaeology and cultural heritage. I’ll remember him as a man who showed that he cared for those around him, a storyteller (mostly regarding archaeological antics) and a man with an odd but warm scene of humour.

For the last months he worked at Arkeologicentrum, but Björn Winberg has worked with cultural environment and archaeology since the early 70s. He is perhaps foremost known for his work with the surveys for ancient monuments and remains for the economic map. For many years he was s a site leader at the National Heritage Board’s ancient monuments survey, and for a period acting as department director for the same.

My thoughts are with his family in this time of grief. In memory of Björn Winberg.

Me & Björn as we worked earlier this fall in Östergötland

Arkeologicentrum newsletter (in Swedish) introducing Björn.

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3 responses to “Good bye!

  • ArchAsa

    That was sad news indeed. He had a wealth of knowledge that can never be reproduced.

    My condolences to all of you who have lost your colleague.

  • Leif

    That was sad new indeed.

    Björn scrutinized my licentiate treaties almost 9 years ago.

  • Magnus Reuterdahl

    He was a man with a great eye for landscapes and sadly enough much of his knowledge is now lost. Leif writes at his blog, Arkeologi i väst (in Swedish), about Björns work on a dissertaion. As far as I know he was still working on it and now it will most probably never see the light of day and therefore add to scientific loss.

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