Mellingeholm part 2

A new week in the field awaits. Last week we managed to do a lot of work but there’s still plenty to do. We’ve dug a lot of search pits, ca 5-10 m in length 1,5-2 m in width and 0,4-0,5 m in depth, to delimit two grave fields. Between these grave fields earlier archaeological investigations has identified urn graves, urns filled with cremated bones, charcoal etc and dug into the ground. We’ve rediscovered these and found a few more. One thought was that these two grave fields might have been one but there seems to be an area ca 50-75 m in between with no graves, though this is just a preliminary assessment as we still have some search pits to dig before we are done.

Mellingeholm test pit

In another parts of the area we’ve done search pits in order to find a possible settlement, in the first we’ve found nothing but in the other a few interesting finds have been done. More on that as it develops.

For me this week will be one in company with a Rover (network RTK) from Trimble (R8) as there are a lot of test pits to be measured.

Mellingeholm RTK

As you can see on my boots they tend to become rather heavy as the mud sticks to them as glue.

Mellingeholm Mud

Now, all I hope for is decent weather but it doesn’t look all that promising. So its another week in rain gear and long underwear.

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