Now what is Mellingeholm and perhaps more important where is it? Mellingeholm is a property ca 65 km northwest of Stockholm and a few km south of Norrtälje in Frötuna parish.

At the moment I participate in a archaeological preliminary investigation, step two in the Swedish exploratory archaeological process. During which our aim is primary to delimit monuments and relics and to determine their function by excavating and surveying. We are also asked to answer certain questions such as the age of a certain monument or to map a monument in detail or document it etc.

In Mellingeholm there are several monuments and relics such as graves from the Iron Age, settlements from the Iron age and possible the Bronze Age, Fossilized acres from prehistoric and historic times, crofts etc. It has also been used as a military shooting and practice range since the 40’s so there are also a lot of remains from their activity such as trenches and other defence remains that we’re suppose to document.

Yesterday it was raining all day long and only a few degrees above zero which left us all cold to bone. Cold and dampness really causes fatigue  – I fell over in my bed last night. Today it was a bit better wheather though still cold. The first few hours it was below zero but then came the sun and it became a lot easier, it’s incredible how some sunlight and warmth makes the day just fly away.

I’ll get back with some pictures.

Magnus Reuterdahl


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